You will be enrolled in our monthly membership program. Your monthly membership renews automatically. Your credit card will be billed every month. If you wish to cancel your monthly unlimited plan, you must notify Franklin Auto Spa five days prior to the billing date, or you will be charged for that month. To cancel your membership, please Customers will be charged every month on the enrollment day. Members enrolling from the 29th to the 31st will be charged on the 28th of each month.


The monthly unlimited membership is tracked via licence plate and is only good for one vehicle. You must purchase additional passes for any additional vehicles you wish to use. If you are caught using multiple vehicles without approval from Franklin Auto Spa management, your plan will be terminated and you will be billed for any washes used on unauthorized vehicles. Franklin Auto Spa reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time.


The $1 for the first month unlimited promotion is for new customers only. After the introductory rate, regular pricing takes effect. This promotion is a 3 month commitment, and cannot be cancelled until after your third billing cycle.